Translation Goals and Guidelines

bible translationBelow are some of the translation goals and guidelines for the Grace English Bible.


I will try to translate the text as if the writers were living today and writing it for readers today. I do not want the text to sound archaic, outdated, or scholarly. Of course, what one person thinks is readable text is too advanced for one person and too elementary to another.

Modern Idiom

We don’t say “Behold!” or “Verily!” We say, “Listen to this!” I recognize, of course, that my choices for translation may be outdated in a few decades. English is constantly evolving, so that what is modern idiom today will be outdated idiom in twenty or thirty years. People don’t say “Far out!” “That’s bad!” or “Radical!” today, though these were very popular expressions from the 70s and 80s. So while I will try to use modern idioms and phrases, I will at the same time attempt to avoid popular phrases which may be outdated within a few years.

Consistent Translation of Key Words and Terms

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